At about 10 am, I tried everything.

Of course, not a hundred lures - for summer pike paysite I do not take a suitcase. Ten proven "tails" in the right amount is usually enough, and why should carry weight. Depending on the size of the fish, of course ... this pond rides that larger, three to five inches. Because decent pike from kilograms and at least until the "five". Only active lures: soft plastic bait (mostly) and twisters (just in case). Water-muddy, better balk at the terms, amplitude job tails - and then soft plastic bait usually win. No snags - means twins. The depth of the small, zero relief - hence the small goods range from four to ten.

Pike fishing with lures summer Fanatic 

Always it was enough - but today sboynula program. The second casting a snap motion in the direction-up, instant converging. Ultraviolet Fat five grams showed a small pickerel object worthy of attention, but something alarmed her at the last moment. And yet, and three hours of constant busting baits and places. And silence.

The bait I had long put away in a box, and colors already checked everything - but I turn around the dark, UV color. If she responded - it is necessary to pull this thread. Too bad the sun is climbing up ... not to say that the fish in this pond uniquely aktivnichal at dawn, but the very same hot, hard. Though wearing the most over-year.

Silicone bait Viper 4.5 Fidelity TM

Lost faith in the middle and near distance, reluctant to turn on the weighted erections. Though I believe in feeding, in that there are a lot of pike and only need to offer her a smooth, slow-uniform, mining movement - a simple sorting arithmetic forced to leave the "comfort zone". Well do not get in the right, as always happens - then we must do something not on the theory. Here, I shall look away: at the very limit tackle opportunities. 10 grams and twister Fanatik Viper 4.5 " all in the same ultraviolet, at double the FD -1.14 thousand №2 / 0 . It flies better soft plastic bait of a similar size, a couple of meters gain. Perhaps it lacked?

Silicon lure Viper 4.5 Fanatic

In a lot of white fish pond - contacts with backs and fins are silver carp I initially took for a bite. But quickly made himself at home, stopped paying attention to most of these touches. And now something very vague happened on the release, at the moment of the fall - I would not pay much attention, but the twister went somehow wrong. If a blade of grass clung.

Pike fishing with lures silicone fanatic

No, not a blade of grass - twister tail curled and worn on the hook, and bait here soprotvlyalas not as it should be. Of course, this can happen when casting - but there was still some touch, or thought? Well, there, as soon as possible. Throw the, I hit. There is!

catching pike fanatic

Installation did not reach the bottom - it is crushed, caught on the fly. Fish and small, but the delivery is even pound pike on a relatively easy (88y Verius) gear meters with fifty delivers double the fun. And from her candles, and the feeling: soak through, finally!

how to catch a pike in the summer

Horses in midstream is not - the same installation with great Viper in ten grams again goes back to the middle of the pond. And yet, and yet ... but too quickly jig reaches the bottom. And if a little easier, 8 grams?

pike fanatic

Yes, flying is not so far - but still decent. Again aggressive "supply" at the time of the fall! I do not even have time to properly establish control over the sinking bait, just choose the arc, the blown side wind - and already it is necessary to strike. Second pike - almost a twin of the first, too, "okolokilushka" - well, maybe 900 grams This is the fishing, something starts to clear up.

Silicone bait fanatic Viper 4.5 '

Point silent - an attempt to "refresh" its changing bait to no avail. Well, it is necessary to cross a couple of tens of meters and then "stretch" to the success of the method. 10 grams, dull purple Viper 4.5 " , the maximum output. The breeze subsided a little, and I have time to exhaust the excess cord before falling to the ground. Establish contact, to at least last fall centimeters twister passed to the "tightness".

Strange, but the "tightness" does not help. Usually this slaughter methods, slow jig fall and at the same time changing its trajectory to a more gentle. Pike has great respect for the horizontal phase ... but it seems not today and not here. I'm all morning proupiralsya in uniform wiring soft plastic bait, and two bite got the drop on the twister. Come on, let's simpler. Without tightness: just wait for the wind snatched the arc, will play when the apex ... fat!

catching pike

At least one bite, as expected, beautifully: poking at the tips, static, at the last second drop. And immediately clear: this is not kilushka, it's fish. And it is not silver carp, of course: two soft, powerful butting (head left or right), then the viscous resistance vykachivanii- parameters. And again - one, two, powerful elastic. Good pike.

pike fanatic lures tackle

At close range it gave battle - but such that I was afraid to take the fight close range, did not want to miss their prey. Just a couple of shots exploding surface - and I put the photo, took up the net. Very much I like to shoot a big, toothy, and even on the beach.

big pike from the wiper of a fanatic

Pike is good - a "three", perhaps. I have little time for a photo shoot, very hot - I do not want to ruin the beauty. Therefore, the formal portrait of a hero of the occasion, 021 color and Viper - and free.

pike on silicon bait Viper 4.5-inch color 021

Mostly resuscitation was required, I waved the fish back and forth, ventilate the gills - spotted ceased to be filled up on the side and hung motionless, rhythmically moving his gill covers and keeping the balance with the waving of the fins. All gone, gone quietly: will live.

pike in the summer

Fishing saved - long bust baits and techniques led, finally, to a rather unconventional outcome. I still can not believe that the bite is only possible in the fall: halt, delay installation after the casting, leading his slow ravnomerkoy and fast dashes. Jig step, and even more so: very fast-poddergivaet mastic is up, then abruptly stops the movement to simulate free fall of installation (if not on the surface, but at least a half-waters).

how to catch a pike

No good! The fourth was a tail, but he was also taken to the incident after casting installation, after the next transition with ten grams ogruzki eight. Back on emissions, and again "podkilushka". Beautiful it here: though the body and whitish, but what w still bright orange fins on the white belly!

bait for pike

Start first. Enough, very hot. Home. And write it all down on a fresh memory: fishing, which had no prospects, was rescued by a bait and a custom feed. Everything is decided by the hand? Yes, it is usually the case. But today, all that I have done hands, was by cash. Just did not have to interfere with the bait to catch their own, long tail vibrate during free fall, at the maximum release eight to ten grams. Do not interfere - catches. Intervene - rest)

Well, it's an experience. Experience does not happen much. Someday come in handy.

Silicon lure Viper 4.5-inch color 021