силиконовые приманки фанатик

The mood was, of course, on the pike . Golden days at the Donets: last autumn before frost. I drive like a job: every other day. More often it does not work - well, I miss the weekend, so as not to push. Limit mode.

But it seems that this race is coming to an end. The forecast is unequivocal: the day after tomorrow is cold. It's time to say goodbye to autumn: this rainy day will draw a line. Where? On the river. For whom? For pike, of course. Other - as lucky, and toothy should not fail.

осенняя рыбалка фанатик

For a few autumn fishing trips, I rolled the fishing area, calculated priorities. Just jig, nothing but jig. And not light: perfectly pecks on silicone up to five inches, on an ogruzka from 12 to 18 grams. Twisters or vibro tails? And those and others are needed. In the past years I remember, the farther into the winter, the more relevant the twister. But when this moment comes, it is difficult to calculate. So no risk, we need both types.

Colors? Two radically different, bright green "poison" and a modest ultraviolet. Sometimes the predator definitely prefers one of them; it happens that it does not attach any importance to coloring. The most interesting days are when you need to maneuver, in the morning to work on the active predator “poison”, in the daytime to get calmed down with ultraviolet light. Well, with types and colors, everything is clear.Specifically, by model? What exactly is folded in a box?

приманки фанатик

Today I will assemble my set of Fanatik silicone . The largest twister is the Viper 4.5 ”, and the largest single tailing tail: Boxer 4.5”. Each model in two colors adjacent to the catalog: “milk poison” 020 and “ultraviolet” 021. Four baits? Yes, that's enough. And two sizes of Fanatik offsets , and four weight distribution of cargo (I like the faceted Cheburashka, and I'll take it). Even the cord is wound from this TM, thick and durable chetyrezhzhilka Fanatik  Spinning  PE  # 0.4, nice lemon color. Will not it be thin, under 18 grams and jig in koryazhnik? No, normally, Fanatic cords have real thickness (and, accordingly, strength) significantly higher than stated. There, in fact, at least 0.8, so that fits perfectly.

силикон на щуку

Fishing began with surprises. Instead of the expected pike, the pike perch responded in the early morning. Well, not pike ... sudak. Clear, but weak "boom", and little resistance without going aside. So it is: fanged young.

снасти на щуку

Such a fish should be released immediately, or else a bubble will come out of the pharynx. Having made some shots, I let go of the little one - I managed, the fish swam away. Is there a bigger one?

поймать судака

It did not turn out to be larger - having brought one more perch calf to the shore, I let him go and radically change the approach. There is no interest in catching such people, and it is impossible: Dontsa is an exotic, rare fish, no need to knock it out and injure it once more. I'll change the bait and increase the load. Although the markings of my Boxer and Viper are the same, 4.5 ”, the vibrotail looks much bigger and heavier.Maybe the fanged little ones would be wary of such an attack.

свинец фанатик

The calculation turned out to be correct: the first pike of today struck the jig almost in the same place where the sudach responded. But I passed through the butt of a log lying at the bottom - I immediately blasted it.Hard, confident. Not bad

ловить щуку фанатик

Ultraviolet clearly wins in the pit: both the vibrotail and the twister have already brought me a fish. The bright color (I tried it too) does not bring bites yet. But I'm not in a hurry to write off the “milk poison” to the reserve: there are other points. There is, where a bit smaller, there is over. I will periodically try, it's easy. A couple of casts here, a couple casts there.

ловля щуки на приманки фанатик

But at the next turn, under the reed wall of the opposite shore, and a couple of casts were not needed. Immediately I sat down, immediately: an interesting bite is a podbukovka, as if in the winter on a minnow, when instead of active contact you suddenly feel the complete disappearance of feedback. The bait is gone, the cord has slightly sagged - hook more quickly!

как поймать щуку осенью

Managed: at the end of a good weight and distinct discontent. Pike rhythmically shakes his head - this is good, in such a state it does not rush downstream, and does not hide in writhing. She shakes - I'm pumping up ... that's the net. Eh, well-eaten, only a faceted cheburashka is visible.

ловить щуку осенью

Therefore, excuse me, for shooting, I pereceti lure in the pike mouth closer. Over the edge, so visible). I try not to do this, the real picture always touches stronger. But I had to, do not blame me. But the frame is not bad, right?

щучьи приманки

At some point it seemed to me that today is the day when the color is not important. But here is a new bay, in which the pike should be obliged, and the 20th color is silent. But the transition to ultraviolet spelled the point: two decent pikes attacked Boxer on two casts in a row. She is very good today: all fish from one and a half kilo. Maybe it was worth taking a scale - but I'm lazy, and I don’t want to hurt the fish's jaw once more by hooking it up. What is the difference how many grams, if clearly for the "three".

граненый свинец фанатик

There was one like this today - I picked it out from the weft, I had to sweat it. I was lucky that I guessed to tighten the clutch even before the casting: if she had removed a little more cord with the first jerk, she would have saved for sure. Although it is not a fact that this is salvation: this is how I gently freed and released, otherwise I would have to swim with a piece of thread and jig in my mouth, and even sit on a leash in a writhing. Better so, all the better. I frame, fish - freedom.

рыбалка на щуку

Pecks today everywhere. Heat and rain, it seems, tore the predator from the well-established "winter apartments", the fish walking along the river, comes across not only in the winter, but also in the autumn points.Rain, fog, calm ... perfect pike fall, its last day. And flew by in a flash: the way back is not close, in order to pass at least the problematic part, the field roads, where asphalt remains are only guessed, it is better to leave early. Well, one more thing with this reflux pit and home?

рыбалка поздней осенью

Priamok turned out to be a tricky one: a promising point does not want to give a bite. It would be possible to fold, of course - but finally I will check the vibrating tail. The only bait of my four, not yet noted fish. A couple of casts, and then twister? No, well, it is deep here, as if sudachat would not attack again ...

I did not have time to think out: some kind of confusion began around the bait that had fallen to the bottom. Either through the snag, crawling, or through the grass ... but it seems to be alive ... cut, or what? Wham!Well, that did not hurry, but now it's time!

I shake very aggressively, trying to break the resistance of the predator and lift it up. There is a nasty snag at the shore, so I lost fish in it. It rests cool, by gravity - again, "three"? Not a fact, does not shake his head at all and does not try to minimize. Just stupidly presses down, but I can raise.

снасти фанатик

Raised, stirred up the surface ... something incomprehensible. It scratches, rests, but does not gleam green-gold. Grass, perhaps, wound? It does not seem ... Yes, this is catfish!

силиконовые приманки боксер

Not expected. The third predator of this day: not a perch, which could be expected, but a rare guest added to pike and pike perch. The mustache, gray-speckled ... small, in fact, a maximum of half a kilo.

силиконовые приманки фанатик

Small - but how glad I am to you, buddy. The first spinning catfish from Donets! I caught you in the Southern Bug, in Canada, the Dnieper-Donbass, in the ponds. But in his native river - never again. Well, with the initiative ... this pixel somovy camo “ urban  in gray tones looks great . Yes, even on fallen oak leaves ... feast for the eyes is simple.

щука с силиконовыми приманками фанатик

Som caught the corner - it is easy to release. He swam beautifully, writhing rhythmically with his long body, disappeared under a snag, and disappeared. Oh, and great I spent this autumn! Even the thought is not about the "last cast". That's it, go home. It won't be any better.

ловля щуки

Great fishing. All my bait caught fish, all the predators of the Donets were on the hook. Well, except for perches, of course ... but I didn’t shallow today, and I didn’t rest on the striped ones. With large vibro tails and twisters, Fanatik can be played seriously. Here, played. Won? Certainly)

фиолетовые приманки

O.Sizon, 11/27/2018