For starters, a few words about the company itself. Kolibri is a Ukrainian company, which began to manufacture boats and all kinds of accessories to them back in 1995.

kolibri in the world

Since that time, experts Kolibri have continuously improved products to get high quality, comfortable, and most importantly reliable boats that people like.

kolibri boat

kolibri boat

In the range of this manufacturer you will find rowing and motor boats. Motor boats can have a sealed bottom or an inflatable keel.
Now let's talk about the technologies that this manufacturer uses, and what benefit they have for you.

Material. In the production of boats, the company uses 5-ply PVC, which has excellent characteristics and provides reliability to your boat. 5-layer PVC is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, salt water, fuel and oils. An important point is that it retains its properties at temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius.

kolibri boat material

Welding. The main elements of the joints are fastened to each other at high-frequency current (HD) installations, which allowed to increase the density of connections by 20-30%. This process is very accurate and controlled by a computer.

kolibri boat material welding

Connection of seams. Joint joints occur by the methods of jointing into a joint with the strengthening of the outer and inner sides.

kolibri boat material seams

Cylinders. Cylinders in boats Kolibri are separated by partitions into sealed separate compartments. It is made according to ISO / CD 6185 standard, for maximum safety of your boat in unforeseen situations.

kolibri boat

Swivel oarlock. In the production of oarlocks, Kolibri uses patented technology of rotary oarlocks. Due to the use of this type of oarlocks, the oar is fixed, and the boat has the best course with less effort. Also this device is notable for its durability.

kolibro boat swivel aorlock

A separate point is to consider the types of floor, which is available in boats Kolibri.
The bottom rug. In other words, the slug-mat is a bonded pajoly, which are made of waterproof plywood and have a non-slip coating. The bottom rug is characterized by its small dimensions during transportation and excellent pricing, especially when buying small boats.

bottom rug kolibri boat

Bottom floor. In other words, the book-book, as well as the slate-mat is made of waterproof and high-strength plywood and has a non-slip coating. The plywood sheets are firmly fastened with PVC. In contrast to the bottom rug covers a much larger area, and due to this provides better rigidity. This has a positive effect on the running characteristics of the boat.

bottom floor kolibri boat

Aluminum flooring. This kind of flooring resembles a slate book, but is completely made up of aluminum. This provides a number of advantages. For example, this flooring is even tougher, more durable, and its service life is practically unlimited. Aluminum has anti-slip notches.

aluminium flooring kolibri boat

Air-Dack flooring. It consists of two layers of heavy-duty PVC, between which the pump is driven by high-pressure air. This in total gives a gorgeous hard floor. The main features of this flooring are compactness, light weight and rigidity.
All these technologies and some others help to get magnificent boats that are suitable for experienced fishermen and for a pleasant family vacation.

kolibri boat air-dack flooring 

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