Tired of resting on the beach? I want to learn fishing at a depth in the far reaches and hunting for ducks. You plan to buy a rubber boat Kolibri in Ukraine, but do not know how to choose a model and where to find the best prices?

All models of Kolibri boats comply with the international standard ISO / CD6185, have the CE certificate Bureau Veritas (France)

The assortment includes:

  • rowing single and multi-seat models;
  • flat-bottomed and keel modifications of the Kolibri boats;
  • without flooring and flooring;
  • boats with a hinged transom that easily turn into a motorboat.

Interval length of boats Kolibri from 190 to 290 cm. You can buy an inexpensive boat hummingbird in Ukraine with a set of everything necessary for its operation.

Together with the boat you will receive:

  1. documents for boats;
  2. Kolibri guarantee for 3 years;
  3. pump, oars, seats;
  4. repair kit;
  5. bag for carrying your boat Kolibri;
  6. flooring of the bottom (if provided for this model);
  7. hinged transom (for models with transom).

Do not trust the quality of goods in online stores? In vain. Boats Kolibri are certified on the territory of Ukraine. Manufacturer's warranty for all boats is 3 years. Boats from five-layer dense (850-1100g / m) reinforced PVC easily withstand temperature changes from -30C to + 60C. They are resistant to intense ultraviolet irradiation.
Jointing of seams is made on innovative technology. Cloths are connected by welding with hot air. Stitches have increased resistance to stress.

Lovers of a fast ride should buy a Kolibri boat with a hinged transom, mobile seats and a flat bottom. Installing the motor will allow you to easily overcome a decent distance and forget about the paddles.

Do you like fishing at full depth in the depth? It is worth buying a Kolibri boat with bottom flooring with incisions from sliding on the surface. Boats with flooring bottom have additional stability and allow you to rest, fish and hunt with great comfort. Prefer to have a boat with excellent driving characteristics, it is worth buying a boat Kolibri with keel. These models do not lose stability on bends, easily cut the wave and keep the course in windy weather.