For families

   For recreation, you can choose any color of the boat - the more fun the better. The white color has its obvious advantages - it is less susceptible to heat in the sun, but it is less practical - dirty. For a family holiday, choose the boat more. Family - a minimum of three people. If the boat are children, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the ship. The boat is wider and longer, the higher its reliability and robustness. Also increases the reliability of the ship, if the frame is longer watertight compartments, and if more than the diameter of the cylinders. The length of the boat A family vacation should be at least 3.6 meters, and it is better that its length is about 3.9 meters. The bottom of a boat must be continuous - for better stability on the stringers. Well if you go with an inflatable boat kilson. Engine power should be at least15 l.from.


For auto

   Any car can be successfully put the boat up to 4.3 meters. But if you complete the boat is the engine - its dimensions are consistently increasing, such a vessel already placed in the car is not always the case. Boat with motor can be placed in the trunk, if its length is not more than 3.6 meters with an engine around15 l.s .. Otherwise, it may not fit! All, of course, it will also depend on the size of the trunk and on the size of the boat, and the material from which it was created. Stacking produce competent so boat blown away and folded, placed on a rigid bottom boot, and the top positioned motor. If you have a car with a body "Hatch-beg" for laid back seats fit any boat and motor package without any problems. Although this space only two people left in the car. The boat is not recommended to bind to the top of the trunk - tanks on the move may swell, the boat can break or rip your trunk.


Inflatable boats Bark

      If we talk about brands on the market inflatable boats, it is necessary to, first of all, identify, inflatable boats Bark, who enjoy the same popularity. In the production of inflatable boats Bark used modern materials and technology - manual gluing and heat sealing. Court is made exclusively from high-quality five-layer tissue boat. For greater strength and reliability vessels coated with a special substance - polyvinyl chloride or PVC. PVC - it is simply a transparent plastic, which allows to make the boat more wear-resistant, durable, give it resistance to abrasion, UV, water, oily foods and other moisture. Each ship model is assigned a unique number, in which anyone can learn in seconds, by whom and where the boat was made. There are about 24 boats Bark models which are divided into several types: rowing and motor. Rowing - lighter and more maneuverable, motor - more convenient - no need to paddle. distinguishes barque boat price  is quite acceptable.