The platform is strong and reliable, made of frost-resistant PVC and reinforced with a polyamide washer. The design has small dimensions and stylish design, it will gently look on the surface of your boat. It is recommended to glue it with two-component polyurethane adhesive. The kit includes a stencil for accurate gluing. To increase the strength of the bonding, it is necessary to use the adhesive in a two-component mixture with a hardener. Before installation, we recommend that you study the instructions for the adhesive used. So:

  1. Select the location for the installation site. (If you plan to install two sites on one board, installation at a distance of 305 mm between the centers of the sites is recommended, which will allow placing the table, handles and other accessories of the FASTen ™ series)
  2. Insert the lock nuts on the back of the mounting platform.
  3. Place the pad on the boat. Mark the place and fix with a paint tape or tape adhesive stencil (see the stencil inside the package).
  4. On clean and degreased with alcohol or ethyl acetate dry surfaces (bead and mounting platform), gently apply a thin layer of glue using a stencil, wait 3-5 minutes.
  5. Apply a second coat of glue and wait 5 -15 minutes. (Glue film should not stick to fingers, be cloudy or glazed).
  6. Heat the bonding surfaces up to 60 ° C, gently place the mounting PVC pad on the board and press firmly (roll). Remove the stencil from the board.

ATTENTION: The connection gets sufficient strength after 30 minutes, but use under load is possible only after 12 hours.