Interest in inflatable boats made of PVC is quite understandable. Fishermen increasingly focus their attention on balloon designs, but with all the existing breadth of choice, it is rather difficult to make an optimal decision. How to provide for all possible nuances in the future operation of the boat, choose the one that best suits your requirements and pay a reasonable price, we will try to tell in this article. 

The design with a keeled bottom perfectly proved itself when operating on the sea and the river. The peculiarity of the structure is that under the wall there is an inflatable kilson, forming contours in the form of V, extinguishing the wave and providing the boat with greater stability. The presence of such a kilson makes it possible to increase the load capacity of the boat, which is very important for the fishermen - there are quite a lot of different accessories for fishing and they weigh a lot. 

With regard to the dimensions of the inflatable boat, the personal experience of many inveterate anglers will tell you that a large inflatable boat is comfortable and successful for all types of fishing. And there are several reasons for this. The possibility of free movement in the cockpit of the boat makes it possible not only to feel comfortable, but also to cast in any direction you need without hampering the movement. The process of fishing for fish is much easier and easier, even in strong currents and winds, since you can change your location from your nose to the side or stern and vice versa. 

If there is more than one person in the inflatable boat, then it is necessary to take into account the symmetrical location of the fishermen in order not to disturb the balance of the structure. For example, the weight of the person sitting on the left side of the stern should be equalized by the mass on the right nose. 

Equally important is the diameter of the cylinders of the boat - a construction of 38 cm and above will allow it to step on it or use it freely without losing the balance of the entire boat. This is a very valuable quality when it comes to fishing fish swam under the bottom of an inflatable ship. The cylinder size corresponding to your wishes, for example 50 cm, will allow using it as a seat, for this the wooden base is pulled out from the grooves, which frees up additional space in the boat. This method is quite convenient for trolling. 

And since it's about fishing, we'll determine the sizes that correspond to each of them. 
Minimum dimensions of the boat for spinning lovers:

  • For 1-2 people. 160 * 330;
  • For 3 people. - 170 * 360;
  • For 4 people. - 180 * 440 and above. 
  • For trolling (cm):
  • For 1-2 people. 145 * 290;
  • For 3 people. 160 * 330;
  • For 4 people - 170 * 400 and above.

If the inflatable boat can accommodate 3 or more people, then comfortable fishing can hardly be expected. It's about the number of gears that have the ability to tangle. And the more people in the boat, the more likely that it will happen. 2, a maximum of 3 people in an inflatable boat - the optimal number. A spacious reliable inflatable boat made of PVC, a couple of friends nearby, a catch and a great mood - a pledge of excellent fishing!