The online store invites you to visit our website with the products of FASTen (BORIKA).

The main element of the products of FASTEN (BORIKA) is a universal lock with a mounting platform into which any accessory of the FASTEN can be installed, for example a rod holder or echo sounder holder and so on. These accessories can be installed on any watercraft. The difference is that for each surface, which will be installed accessories FASTen (BORIKA) there is a lock with a mounting pad. For example, for an inflatable sideboard, the mounting pad of the FMp lock is made of PVC and is glued to the cylinder, for plastic or metal surfaces, the mounting pad with the FMb lock is fixed with 4 screws or screws, there are options for securing locks on rails, pipes, profiles, and in general practically on any component parts of the swimming means.

The variety of accessories FASTen (BORIKA) is great, but you need to understand that the main unit is a universal lock, to which you can connect any accessory, the main thing is to choose the correct mounting platform on which the lock itself will be attached. The lock has a hole with slots for attaching accessories, accordingly accessories have a "return" for insertion into the lock.

Let's see what all the same offers us a manufacturer of accessories FASTen. First and foremost, the most popular accessory is the multifunctional rod holder, where the fishing rod can not only be inserted, but also fixed at the right angle and with the desired inclination. Further, all accessories are equally in demand, depending on the needs of the consumer. Let us list them: rod holder, echo sounder holder, ladders, equipment fixing platforms, bollards, ducks, rollers, hooks, rings, carbines, echo sounder mounts, cup holders, camera and phone holders, desk holder and table itself, a huge number of pipes, , extensions of different lengths and diameters, a variety of anchoring equipment. It should be borne in mind that the color scale of all accessories is selected individually for your boat. And all this diversity can be connected to any of the installed locks.

All accessories and accessories FASTen can be considered as an "expensive" designer, who with great pleasure wants to collect, change the main nodes, insert extension cords, look for the best and effective ways of fastening, constantly improve your favorite boat. By purchasing accessories FASTEN (BORIKA) you can be sure of the quality of any part and assembly. FASTEN pays attention to every detail, starting with packaging, instructions, design and ending with large nodal details.