Various force majeure circumstances directly on the water can also affect the integrity of the boat. That's why when operating inflatable boats, numerous users of such boats advise to have a minimum set of items. This kit will help solve the problem and seal the hole in the boat even in extremely extreme conditions. So, what you need to have with you:

1. Always carry a stock of rubber patches. Buy rubber in the store or use unnecessary rubber items, while the quality of rubber should be as similar as possible to the material of the boat.

2. Rubber adhesive. It is better to choose a quality manufacturer, it is better not to have financial resources for glue.

This is, perhaps, all that you need. Finally, consider the process of repairing the boat itself.

 - Sometimes it is difficult to determine the hole, in order for the accuracy to be maximum, put the boat in water, after inflating. Places where water leaks, and will be damaged. Mark them in any way, for example, with an insulating tape or an indelible marker.

 "Prepare the patches." To do this, you need to use the most suitable material. Shops today offer a very wide range and together with them or separately you can purchase a set of patches. If there are no patches, then you can use, for example, children's rubber boots (of course, no longer needed). The patch must be of such size that it can cover a three-inch gap overlapping at least on each side. The outline of the flap should be rounded, then the glue will "hold" the patch better.

 - The place where the glue will be applied must be treated with sandpaper, and the inner part must be sanded, so that the adhesive has better bonding properties. It is important that the hole is in the center of the round patch, so it will be much more reliable.

 - Use acetone or gasoline to degrease the surface. Then apply a quality adhesive for rubber products to the bonding site. First, spread the first layer and wait for 20 minutes, then apply a second layer and glue the patch, and the surface of the patch should not be greased with glue. Carefully press the parts to be glued, and put under the press. Carefully study the instructions for glue!

 - Cracks on the boat can be pre-mended, so it will be much more reliable, only use for this you need only nylon threads, without tightening the gap.