Strong seasonal fishing and romantic boating in full swing. A little later the oars take bird hunter. In general, the reason to buy their own boat is always a lot. The other day we laid out on the banks of the Sea several popular models. Novice buyers will receive helpful tips and interesting will be interesting to see how to construct modern inflatable boat, which was the last time you rode in early childhood.

Bark B260N

- Bark - Ukrainian manufacturer. Its production is more expensive due to the brand and the use of more dense material. This boat is already underway with the hinged transom complete. It is considered the motor and propeller. The stated load capacity - more than 225 kilograms, so the boat is subject to registration, - Egor says.

More information about registration can be read here. The problem is that most boat owners can not come to terms with the need to go through all the formal procedures for making boats in the register, and then every year to ride inspections. These measures unnecessary or necessary - a topic for another dispute.

This model also has two cameras. On the floor - too Slaný, but in the amount of three pieces and wider.

- Valves all boats are now strong, not one year served. Not like in the Soviet boats when repaired several times a year. The only thing they are afraid of - it hit the sand - Egor says.

— This boat is more original and wider than the first, - the seller explains. - In such two fishermen will not be so crowded. It is also glued from PVC, but more dense - 850 g / m (balloon) and 1100 g / m (bottom). On the one hand, this is an additional weight, on the other - strength. Look, the material is more reinforced (near it is not smooth, but in a diamond). It's not easy to break through. During a recent storm at one of our customers the boat was torn off by the wind and dragged through all the nearest bushes. Oars from the impact on the ground broke, and with the boat everything is fine.

Seats are inserted into the slots firmly and do not move.


Also in this and subsequent models appears ring-handle - for it is convenient to be attached or anchored.

For this boat we are trying to attach a small motor. Little emotion, but from point A to point B you will arrive.




Aqua-Storm ST 280 pt


Another Ukrainian boat.

- This boat has 20 centimeters long - is 2.8 meters. It weighs about 23 kilograms. But despite this, the official capacity - less than 225 kilograms, so it can not register if you do not put the motor. Transom sonar can be put, for example.



For the sake of the experiment does not pump up the boat electrical and foot pump, which comes bundled (Egor says pump it completely in 10 minutes). It thought that it's better to be 15, but with a short break to rest. PVC, in principle, not afraid of pressure and by and large swings "to the touch." Although all the boats it is written that the recommended pressure is 0.25 bar.



- Those boats were rubber and rot, because there was a monofilament thread at their base. Now there is no thread - and there is nothing to rot. In normal use, 5-10 years modern boat starts to break down and wear away at the joints. If pierced, there are many adhesives. But the best and most efficient way to - liquid PVC. The Repair Kit is usually available are not the most effective means, although in this case it is not the worst option.



Bark B280NPD



Again Bark, therefore, all the advantages and disadvantages with it. The peculiarity of the model is available fendering (aka volnogasitel, or bump). This black-and-white stripe along the entire perimeter.

- Bruce helps the fisherman wading through the reeds, for example, - Egor says. - And the damps spray.


Also in this model the entire length of the boat rail passes. This rope, and for which you can cling and hang anything. Also has four handles for easy carrying. The diameter of the cylinder - 36 centimeters.

- Carrying capacity of the boat is 288 kilos. Therefore it - once to register. In fact, all these boats and easily withstand 300-400 kilos, but in documents written what is written.

As a possible option - another version of the seat.