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... for 14 hours, it became clear: went in vain. Out of the car after another (apparently already last) move, I did not even bother to take the landing net: what good is a dead water. Rested, not lazy, and visited on a concrete "overflow", and in several places the permitted area of ​​coastline. All in vain, almost my only ... "tail" in the morning so random (apparently random, stray) perch on the overflow Max. This is a four ...

fanatic cords test

Wait for it, wait, the weather is nice. So as not to interfere with the wind to swing - and zapulit desyatigrammovy installation of meters on 80, get fanged with the release, and for a long time to pump heavy, abutting fish. To harness beautiful, held high apex, and this cherished "bums" - prosmakovat him enjoy the feeling, not blurry crosswind. Yes, and then remove the beautiful, in good light. Here, wait: rare, calm on SlavGrES. Complete, and the sky is cloudless.

Weather perfect like - and there is no fishing. Just a week ago, there was rampant perch, ate that no hitting, and catch a dozen fanged was easy. And before spawning there is still time, and the water is not too warmed up ... Most likely, a combination of bright sun and the mirror surface of the water led to the ultimate "illumination" of the coastal zone. Twilight predator hunts under the spotlights ... today does not catch one. Approximately half of the rather numerous spinnings one ponytail, take a ride in the morning ... more "donut".

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I have something to complain about, I was lucky. Small sudachok attacked on the edge plate purple Viper 4,5 ", floundered in the landing net, became a hero photo session. All raspochinivshiesya lucky too, as far as I know, take your fish with the edge of the slab: here, in eight meters from the shore, and the single fish still are, hidden in the shadow of the visor. It is not a secret, so we used it, and the competition is catching. Three to five grams, a small cancer, smooth explosions ... lots of hooks and little bites. But still it receives system ... and today did.

Today, I rested on the curb seriously, even set up for this case one of the gear - desyatigrammovy long light, which is convenient to carry out explosions of high-circuited. Caught, however, another set: untsovym dzhigovikom equipped with a Dalnoboy with shestnadtsatigrammovym hinge. Here, by the way, the new cable: FANATIK Spinning PE X4 120m (# 0.4) 0,10mm. Bright yellow, lemon ... even dense, tough and durable for such a monstrous stated thickness. PE # 0,4 with untsovoy tackle and shestnadtsatigrammovoy "Cheburashka", plus a fairly large silicone?

cord for catching predatory fish

This is the standard "trick" cords Fanatik , I used to have. When choosing them you need to focus not on the density parameter PE #, and the breaking force. Here it is absolutely fair, and even with a margin of a weakening in the node ... the power throw hard rod stand absolutely still. While fails and complex jig on concrete brow: hooks a lot, but when I can not detach, eager node. Fidgeting concrete thread holds perfectly, not even cloth.

In general, caught pike-perch like this: completing the wiring, the last blasting of heavy jigs at his feet. Well, it was an accident, maybe ... catching fish is passive, should be facilitated extremely and primanochku offering fine. One fish - not a reason to discard all previous experience. It is necessary to work the way it turned out earlier. Will out - catch.

So we were running all day. Hinge - low weight - Dalnoboy - transition - moving ... The second entry in the "overflow" I've already started to kink: postponed thinning pretty box with a soft plastic bait and twister mounted on sixteen grams large Larva Lux . In selling it, in my opinion, even on a large scale is not - but I have a small supply of prototypes submitted for assay. There are in fact very, 007m color - violet s first "jelly" with green sequins that shot in the morning. In such a sunny day it is appropriate, especially for zander .

cable spinning

But only a tiny channel catfish caught me and then behind his back. Here is what an evil mask: if not bite, because she attacked fry, dragged ashore. No, this trophy is not needed. Here sun passed its zenith, and remember: long way home. Once again I'll move now to the point of the wires in turn. It's time to admit the obvious: fishing failed. Tyk! 

It mocks it, or something. Again at the end of the installation run heavy (each point I check first frequent fan on the brow, five grams, and then a couple of casts on "Dalnoboy") distinct udarchiki for bait. Right on the edge of the plate ... no, he did not fall asleep completely. Why not take the bait right lung, and responds to Krupnyakov? ..

Stop. This is the wrong question, "why." Why do questions? All fish (well, all available, at least) on the edge betonki. All bite (yes, only two, but it's sad when such hands, too, an occasion for analysis) - the heavy, large, blue. Well, uprus last time. Light gear in the car. Untsovy set with dark blue Larvoy Suite 16 grams in hand and ahead, in the active movement. No more distant throws, time is precious: only short-circuited, at 15 meters, from under the hand. Left at 45 - straight ahead - right below 45. Transition. And once again: to the left - right - left. And vershinku higher, no side dotyazhek. And here…

fishing fanatic with cords

And then he will give ka-ak!

Where it was expected. At the edge. And vzvizgnet properly tightened clutch Tween as rezanet water cord! Along the edge, parallel to the coast, away from me ...

Crediting Fang!

I was set up to contact with the medium-sized fish - and there voltuzitsya normal sudachina. Net in the car disassembled. Cord squeaks by "eyebrows" - so very long ago there was a hook with a cliff, you have not bound. Right action, bastard ... if caught firmly, his only chance - to grind the concrete edge of the braid.

But I'm not going to weaken the clutch. Tear tear ... so as to throw the hook out of the mouth of the ladies do not, this folly I committed enough. If you sustain a new thread - fishing saved.

braided cord for fishing

And it stood. A couple more shots, and perch tired ... something like reaching for the water, I grabbed the fish by hand, almost slipping off. Ah, beautiful! faithful and a half kilos. Not a trophy? Sorry, but in this situation - a monster. The most valuable fish, the most expensive - the one that figured in a hopeless situation. Which was first invented and then caught.

Tackle for catching predator

Now, urgently - a technique in mass. Do as I do! Heavy load, short throw, quick transition. And the dark color, of course ... Max picked up the theme, especially without hesitation. And immediately ran forward to the edge of the area - to move toward me, and not "leapfrog" ahead of each other alternately. That's right, it's more convenient.

good fishing cords

And it also flunked his "fangs". Almost the same, three hundred pounds. As intended, with the plate edges. The heaviest load, which allow gear: twelve grams. Managed. Time it happens, it is necessary to get home before dark, blood from his nose - but we managed.

Managed to see through the difficult situation besklevya deaf, managed to break the stereotype of the passive Dolov perch "in sports", delicately. would figure out sooner that you can activate it anyway: echoing blows hard on a dense bottom mounting. I thought it was an active predator collection technique? Wrong. And passive so caught, and catch it must be, not where it would be desirable not to release. And where it is necessary, where the walleye should. At the edge of the plate, underfoot.

fishing gear for catching predator

And yet, and could well drive away a new cord. Like others, I have already tested models of wicker Fanatik , Spinning the PE has proven reliable in the assembly, perfectly hardy in terms of friction over obstacles, quietly endured very harsh and forceful landing of sweeps. The bright color is suitable, clearly visible even with strong illumination of the midday sun in clear weather. Departure decent coloring markedly more stable than other models: the day the work area is not completely discolored. Noise? Yes. All hardy chetyrehzhilki noise, even the most expensive ...

for predator fishing

So that fishing was a success in all respects. Not too dobychlivaya? This is how you look. My main production - a new experience, a new working stereotype. Sudak passive mouth shut tightly? No problem. You can try to spell it rough, aggressive feeding large lures with a heavy load. Unless, of course, have the appropriate gear and a decent cable)

cords fanatic spinning

O.Sizon, 20/04/2018